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UV Curable Materials

Product Name : UV Curable Materials

QualiCure™ is a collection of UV curable materials which are one of latest commercialized chemical materials to industries featuring with revolutionized working conditions and environmental friendly property. By introducing this newly technology, downstream users enjoys instant curing speed which increases production efficiency and convenience while minimizing energy waste and space due to no more drying system required. As a result of workable under low curing temperature which makes difficult substrates such as paper and plastics workable, QualiCure™ is applied in varies industries as well. On the other hand concerning the environmental consciousness, these materials are likely more environmental-friendly comparing to the traditional products. Rather than saving energy waste, there are less contaminated water and gas generated.

Since past decade, QPC has been devoting itself in the development of UV curing and mastered the formulation design and production. Today, we serve our customers with a comprehensive collection of fine quality including monomers, oligomers, additives, and photo-initiatives as well. Despite the conventional application on papers, woods, plastics and metals, QualiCure™ is also essential to electronic and electric products and optical items/parts respectively.

Along with qualified approval by the leading corporations, QualiCure™ is reliable and trustworthy. capabilities cultivated during the past years, our R&D staffs master the formulation design and ready to reserve customized products ourselves or for joint collaboration for new items development.

Today, QPC markets products globally with our own brand QualiCure™. Along with qualified approval by the leading corporations, the products quality is reliable and our brand is trustworthy. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
1.Wood Coating (Floors).
2.Plastics and Metal Coatings especially for 3C products.
3.Adhesives and lacquers for CD/DVD.
4.Over Print Varnish (OPV).
5.Optical Films.
6.Additives for Electronic / Optical parts

QualiCure™ enhances your competitiveness as follows:

1. Production Line for mass production.
2. Energy and space Saving.
3. Curing/Drying at low temperature
4. No hazard gas or comtaminanted water
5. Available for dust-free manufacuring process.