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UP Resins

Product Name : Unsaturated Polyester Resins

Unsaturated polyester resins (UP resins) are one the most fundamental materials in associated with our lives. They are used broadly from livelihood products like small buttons, artificial items (marble, casting…) to industrial parts such as pipes, large tanks, fishing boats or yachts respectively. Over 30 year development, QPC has been continuously extending our products to satisfy our clients and still advancing. There is a full collection in four main UP resin systems: Orthophthalic type, Isophthalic type, Het- acid type and Vinylester type.

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Main Application: Fishing Boat, Yachts, Tanks....etc
For Colorpaste and Gelcoat
Main Application: Colorpastes and Gelcoat of respective purposes.
For Fire Retardant Applications
Main Application: High pressire pipes, Ductwork and stacks.
For Casting
Main Application: General casting products of all sizes and respective purposes, Reinforcement for acrylic or plastic products.
For Synthetic Marbles
Main Application: Synthetic marbles of respective purposes, Barton stone.
For Button Applications
Main Application: For buttons of respective purposes.
For Dcorative Panels
Main Application: Decorative panels, Furnitures, Doors.
For Coating and Putty
Main Application: Vehicle repaire, Wood, FRP mould putty, Top coating and primers, for wood products (musical
Main Application: Electronic components and vehicle parts (lamps, bumper and so on), Bath tub.
Main Application: Tanks, Pipes, Molding, Chemical resistance equipments.