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Coating Resins

Product Name : Coating Resins

The coatings are applied on products ranging from our livelihood commodities, vehicles, buildings, to industrial machinery, even aerospace parts among all industries. Rather than eye-catching, the coatings offer add-on functions to items according to requirements. For example, the compatibility for different substrates or resistance against chemicals, weather or scratch and so on. To produce good best coatings, QPC supply our customer best resins of extraordinary and consistent quality. Among our coating resin products, there are three main coating resin systems, the Alkyd, Acrylic and Amino resins. Based on the formulation design, they are applied for sealers, surfacers, primers, top coats, and varnishes on papers, woods, plastics, metals, and other difficult substrates as well. At present, along with the maturing of coating industry, QPC focus on our direction towards diversified functional product development against respective conditions according to requirement.


Alkyd Resin
    Super Long Oil Type
    Long Oil Type
    Medium Oil Type
    Short Oil Type
    Modified Alkyd Type
Acrylic Resin
    Thermaoplastic Acrylic Resin
    Thermosetting Acrylic Resin
    2K PU Acrylic Resin
Amino Resin
Amino Resin is mainly used to be in conjunction with Alkyd resins.They are used as coatings for woods or metals.
Tinting colors, Ink, White ready mixed paints, Air-drying paints, Baking paints, 2K and NC matted primers, Acid-curing, Marine primer, Wrinkle Finishes, Paints on wood, plastic and glass, and etc…..
Baking paints on metal, Acid-curing amino-alkyd paints on wood and etc….
Paints on concrete, Pints for road marking, Varnishes/Paints on paper, wood, plastic and metal, Printing Inks, Coil pints and etc…..


Marine primer Primer and finish
on wood
  Baking paints on metal   Printing Inks

Coatings on metal
and plastics