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Products Overview

Main Poducts
UV Curable Materials
UV curable material is one of latest fine chemical which are broadly adopted in hi-tech industries or new application in traditional industries. We offer a comprehensive product line for UV curing products including monomers, oligomer, additives, varnishes and etc. for formulations designed in associated with coating on paper, wood, plastic and metal, printing inks, adhesives as well as optical and electronic application.....
Unsaturated Polyester Resins
The UP resins are very basic industrial products to manufacture FRP, Gelcoat, Casting products such as yacht, tank, artificial marble and so on. There are three main systems which are Orthophthalic type, Isophthalic type and Vinylester type....
Coating Resins
Coating Resins are mainly used to protect subjects while adding aesthetic impression on. Like UP resins, the coating resins are fundamental products and highly relevant to civil industries as well. Generally, they are applied in terms of sealers and surfacers, primers, top coats, and varnishes for papers, woods, plastics, metals, and other substrates. In our coating resin systems there are Alkyd, Acrylic and Amino resins.....

Other Products
Foundry Resins
The foundry resins refer to furan resins which are used as a cement and adhesive, casting resin, coating and impregnant. Generally those products are particularly for castng purpose such as machine, metal parts and etc.

Insulating Varnish
The insulating varnishes are used in the manufacture of transformer, coil and enamel-insulated wires for insulating system in the electronic devices. Our products: V821 and V852 are UL certificated products and widely applied in telecom, electronic engineering, automobile and robot industries.

Polyurethane Rigid Foam Resins
The polyurethane rigid foam resins are generally to manufacture wood-imitation materials, soft floor and fillers. In addition, in associated with the excellent insulating effect against heat, these products are to build a perfect layer in composite materials in freezing equipments.

PVAc and Acrylic Emulsion Resins
The main purpose of emulsion resins are adhesives. They are applied in papers, woods, floor tiles, PVC sheets and furniture. And also, those resins are necessary to manufacture tapes of general purpose, pressure sensitive adhesive, glues and more.

Fiber Glass
Fiber Glass is a nonmetallic and inorganic material of excellent insulation, heat and corrosion resistance as well as mechanical properties. Accordingly, fiber glass is perfect reinforcement for composite materials.