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Internal Audit

  • Establishment
    The Interal Audit Office is established independently by the board of directors with an qualified personel. The assignment of Internal Audit chief is free from the approval of the board. Despite qualified terms and conditions in line with the associated regulation recongized by the Authority FSC, the auditor is requested to attend to corresponding training and lessions respectively to improve his(her) capabilities.

  • Operation
    Based on the "Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control System by Public Companies", the office sets up an annual audit program to revise and re-evalute the implementation of internal control. Suggestion(s) are therefore brought out for effective internal control. Furthermore according to the regulations, the Audit Office is bound for the yealy examination of company departments and self-censorship of subsidaries. Combining both results mentioned above as well as modifications, there comes an general criterion concerning the effectiveness of internal control and followed by the announcement to the general manager and the boards.
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