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Corporate Social Responsibiliy

Based on our business philosophy and propection toward the sustainability of society, QPC fullfills its CSR in terms of the policy/regulations complication and contribution to the development of surroundings. Our CSR practices are outlined as below:
  1. Non-Profit Public Events:
    • Education: Annual educational donation.
    • Social warefare: Donate to community activities regularly; Hiring the disabled.
  2. Environment Concerns:
    • Granted the approval of ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System.
    • Investing in equipments improvement project as well as corresponding educations in associated with the environment issues yearly. For detailed information, please feel free to contact us or refer to our aannual report.

  3. Employee Rigjts and Benefits:
    • Conduct and comply with the Labor Standards ACT perfectly.
    • Clearly conclude and implement the wellfare policy, extened education project, training programs and retirement systems as well.

  4. Suppliers and Stakeholders:
    • Regular disclose information concerning operational and financial performance according
      to the authority.
    • The related person trading rules is set up to preserve rights and benefits on both sides.
    • Maintain unambigous and hoest attitudes toward suppliers to sustain good relationships.
  5. Providing the board members and inspectors latest and associated regulations and sales/financial performance reports regularly as well.
  6. The management regulations/rules are writen and to implemented assess risk evaluation and control in line with government regulation.
  7. Regulations of professional liability insurance for board menbers and investigators are established in corporate articles.